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December 2016

Bellevue by GJ Gillespie

BC Ferry by GJ Gillespie

BC Ferry Ride by GJ Gillespie

Butchart Gardens Carousel by GJ Gillespie

Japanese Gardens by GJ Gillespie

Butchart Japanese Garden by GJ Gillespie

Lantern by GJ Gillespie by GJ Gillespie

Mill Bay by GJ Gillespie

Celebrities Waiting for Breakfast by GJ Gillespie

Brentwood Bay view by GJ Gillespie

Teresa by GJ Gillespie

Brentwood Bay view by GJ Gillespie

Brentwood Bay Diners by GJ Gillespie

Breakfast at Brentwood by GJ Gillespie

BC Swans by GJ Gillespie

Summer GJ Gillespie 2016

Sleeping Lady Garden by GJ Gillespie June 2016

Icicle Creek  by GJ Gillespie June 2016

Icicle Creek  by GJ Gillespie June 2016

Mountain Resort by GJ Gillespie June 2016

GJ Gillespie 2015

Tested the Leda sketchbook on a trip to Hawaii in December.

Waimea Falls by GJ Gillespie 

Copy of famous painting at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Retired at Kapiolani Park

Makapuu Beach 

Tuckered Tourist, Honolulu Coffee Company 

Waikīkī Beach 

Waikīkī Beach 

After Emily Carr, Forrest at VAG

Vancouver Dinner

Suncadia lake
Paradise Lost, Phil. Academy of Art 

Battle of Love after Cezanne at SAM 

Breakfast at Sylvia's 

Breakfast Gathering, Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver 

Cezanne at PMA

Isle of Destiny after Davies, Phil Academy of Art 

Philly Fi-burger lunch 

Granville Island view 

Hotel Monaco breakfast, Seattle 

Large Bathers, after Cezanne. PMA

Art Museum lunch 

Lunch at PMA cafe 

Philly Hard Rock Cafe 

Philly Lunch 

Philly lunch 

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rachel Lake hike 

Fat Girl, Renoir 

St Michael at VAG

Lunch at Suncadia 

Teresa at Breakfast 

Van Duesun Gardens. 

Lunch at Van Duesen Gardens 

Vancouver View 

Waiting for Independence Hall 

Westside Lunch 

Sean and Car at Bowman Bay

After Bischoff 

Sean at Seeds in La Connor

Sean drawing 

Deception Pass 

Bowman Bay 

Lunch at Seeds 2

Beach Family 

The Bay 

Waiting for the Bus

Mom at 94

Breakfast at Daffodils 

Lunch group at DeYoung

Three Polynesians 

Lunch at DeYoung cafe 

Art Museum lunch 

DeYoung patio lunch 

Park Chow 


After Diebenkorn 

After Diebenkorn 

After Freylinghausen 

After Jawlinsky 

Embarcadero  Coffee 


Daffodil Breakfast 

Seated woman 

The Park 

GJ Gillespie 2014
Brentwood Bay by GJ Gillespie

Vancouver Cell Phone Boy by GJ Gillespie

Dinner at Tavola by GJ Gillespie

Vancouver Lunch by GJ Gillespie

Van Dusen Gardens by GJ Gillespie

English Border by GJ Gillespie

Stanley Park by GJ Gillespie

Bard at the Beach by GJ Gillespie

Breakfast at Sylvia's by GJ Gillespie

English Bay by GJ Gillespie

Waiting for the Ferry 

Ferry Ride by GJ Gillespie
Going to Victoria by GJ Gillespie

Breakfast at Brentwood Bay by GJ Gillespie

Ferry Lady by GJ Gillespie

Hi Lo Farm by GJ Gillespie

Todd Inlet by GJ Gillespie

I Pad Breakfast by GJ Gillespie

Pub Breakfast by GJ Gillespie

Tea by GJ Gillespie

Rose Garden by GJ Gillespie

Eagle after Emily Carr by GJ Gillespie

Ferry Girls by GJ Gillespie

Dinner at Sea Grill by GJ Gillespie

JUNE 2014

Deception Pass Island by GJ Gillespie

La Connor by GJ Gillespie

Deception Pass by GJ Gillespie

Coupville by GJ Gillespie

Satyrs Struggle Against a Snake, Roman Statue at Art Institute by GJ Gillespie

Meleager, Roman Statue, by GJ Gillespie

Hercules, 2nd Century by GJ Gillespie

Aphrodite of Knidos by GJ Gillespie

Roman Statue of Young Boy at Art Institute by GJ Gillespie
See original 

Destiny after Chirico by GJ Gillespie at Art Institute 

Snack at Art Institute by GJ Gillespie

Millennium Park Chicago by GJ Gillespie 

Millennium Park Chicago by GJ Gillespie 

The Bathers after Matisse by GJ Gillespie. See original

Chicago Scene by GJ Gillespie

The Resurrection after Caravaggio by GJ Gillespie. See original. 

Roman Statue, Torso of a Man, 1st Century by GJ Gillespie. 

Roman Statue, Torso of a Man, 1st Century by GJ Gillespie. 

Sampson and the Lion after Cristoforo by GJ Gillespie. 

The Child's Bath after Mary Cassatt by GJ Gillespie. See original

Christa and Wolfi after Gerhard Richter by GJ Gillespie. See original

The Bathers after Cezzane by GJ Gillespie. See original.

Chicago Sunset by GJ Gillespie

MAY 2014

Ice Cycle Creek by GJ Gillespie

Poseidon, Getty Villa by GJ Gillespie

Santa Barbara by GJ Gillespie

Achilles attacking Toroilos, Santa Barbara Museum of Art by GJ Gillespie

Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara by GJ Gillespie

Torso of Athlete, Getty Villa, by GJ Gillespie

Grecian Urn by GJ Gillespie. (Athena preventing Agamemnon from killing Helen) 

Zeus by GJ Gillespie

Breakfast by GJ Gillespie

Breakfast at Sambos by GJ Gillespie

After Desportes, Landscape with a Dog and Partridges at LACMA by GJ Gillespie. See painting by Desportes. 

Levitated Mass, LACMA by GJ Gillespie

Getty Villa Statue

Kouros statue

Lunch at LACMA

Lunch at Getty Villa

Lunch at LACMA

Etruscan Votive Figures, Getty Villa, CA. 2014.
(small sketch on business card from 2012) 
Crystal on Salt Lake City Hike by GJ Gillespie

Lunch at Opal Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA

December 2013
Palms in the Desert by GJ Gillespie
Teresa Sketching Palm Canyon by GJ Gillespie
Murray Canyon Stream by GJ Gillespie 

Teresa Sketching Palm Canyon  
by GJ Gillespie

Murray Canyon Stream  white mat
by GJ Gillespie

End of hike Murray Canyon by GJ Gillespie

Murray Canyon, Palm Springs by GJ Gillespie

Palm Forest near Palm Springs by GJ Gillespie

Palm Canyon stream with palms by GJ Gillespie

November 2013

Edison November 28, 2013

Larabee State Park November 28, 2013

August 2013

Vancouver BC View by GJ Gillespie
After Emily Carr, Forest 1930 by GJ Gillespie

Lost Lake, Whistler BC by GJ Gillespie

Whistler BC by GJ Gillespie

Eagle after Emily Carr by GJ Gillespie

Teresa by GJ Gillespie

May 2013
Blue Dog after Rodrique by GJ Gillespie

George RodrigueGeorge Rodrigue
Icraus after Matisse by GJ Gillespie

Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier by GJ Gillespie

Monterey Cypress by GJ Gillespie

Monterey Oak by GJ Gillespie

Teresa by GJ Gillespie

Pebble Beach 2013 by GJ Gillespie

I noticed that modern windmills have an interesting shape. This drawing is based on a famous sketch of Don Quixote attacking the windmill, which he considered a monster. 

Don Quixote attacks Dragon

   Kirkland Park in Winter   

Sketch on Honua Kai Resort notepad. Maui, Hawaii, December 2012

Ancient Hawaiian Rock Painting, "mother with daughters",
on top of breadfruit leaf

Breakfast at Honua Kia 'Resort Maui

August 2012

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